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Introduced at the last EMO show in Germany, the new Profilator S-150 is the alternative to broaching machines for gear production.

The machine is a vertical configuration, with the patented Scudding® head design and capable of machining 150mm (5.90”) diameters both internal and external. Equipped with a Heidenhain encoder/resolver assembly and Siemens top-end CNC, this new machine features opposing workpiece and work tool spindles, A6 and HSK standard. With AC servo motor drive on both X and Y axes, this sturdy performer offers a small footprint with BIG production capacity, all at a fraction of the price of a conventional broaching machine. For technical data on the machine, click here.

Call Walter (again, if you asked the Secret previously) and he’ll tell you all about this game-changing machine tool for the North American gear industry.

Walter Friedrich, President GMTA, (734) 973-7800

Click the play button below to see it in action.